General ACOR FAQs

Mailing List FAQs

  • How do I find a list that is right for me?

    Browse the full list of communities...

  • How do I join a list?

    Select a still-active community/list from the above list (sadly, some are closed),
    click on the LISTNAME, you will go to a "Login Required" page
    click the menu icon and then click on "Subscribe"
    You will then see further instructions to complete your subscription.

  • How do I unsubscribe from a list?

    Unsubscribe instructions should appear at the bottom of each list message
    by email:
    by web:

  • How do I write to a list?

    You must first subscribe to the list (see above) and be accepted.
    Then simply compose your email in the usual manner and mail to:

  • How do I register a password?

  • How do I search the list archives?

  • How do I contact the listowner(s)?

    Write to the List Owners at:

Solving Problems with your Subscription

I'm not getting mail from the list,
I can't post to the list,
I am having problems unsubscribing,
I am having problems subscribing
I'm changing email addresses,
I'm stuck I need help from the listowners

In all such cases, write to the List Owners at: