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We appreciate all comments about ACOR. Unfortunately, we do not currently have the resources to individually answer all the questions that come to us so please, help us out and read on before emailing us.

  • Since we are not medical professionals, we cannot answer questions regarding a specific medical situation. If you are looking for a mailing list you should first visit the list of existing ACOR lists.
    If you haven't found what you are looking for we will be happy to help you find the appropriate ACOR mailing list that we believe most closely matches your needs, or a resource outside ACOR if we know of one. Be as specific as you can about your information needs.
  • If you would like ACOR to start a new list, contact our list coordinator at e-mail us at
  • If you are having trouble subscribing or unsubscribing, if you have any other problem with a mailing list or if you simply want more information about one of the ACOR lists, please contact the listowner(s) directly by either using this form or by directly sending mail to For example, if you have a question relating to the Prostate list, send an e-mail to Here is a list of the existing ACOR lists.
  • If you have problems with the archives of a mailing list, we need to know which list you are interested in. Without this information we are unable to respond to your request.

    Email us at e-mail us at: to contact the appropriate ACOR volunteer.

    Remember that for each list, archive access is limited to subscribers.

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